Orrin Broberg - Industry Analyst

Orrin Broberg

Orrin R. Broberg is a recognized leader in sales, marketing, business development, and entrepreneurship. His extensive business success stems from his ability to analyze market realities, refine target markets, and create and execute strategies that enhance market penetration and provide consistent revenue pipeline. For more than two decades, Orrin has directed successful organizations in the delivery of award-winning products that have directly addressed unmet market needs. Orrin is a charismatic, entrepreneurial leader, who consistently seizes the initiative to grow business through innovative approaches.

President and Founder of Employee Continuum LLC, Orrin recognized the unmet business need to significantly streamline recruiting and hiring operations. He spearheaded the development of highly effective approaches to pre-screen job candidates, including a state-of-the-art multi-media, interactive system that assessed key hiring criteria / attributes and job-role-specific competencies.

As Founder of Mastery Point Learning Systems, Orrin brought together the CPE Division of TIA and the leading telecommunications equipment manufacturers to create the industry’s first certification standard, the Convergence Technologies Professional (CTP). Mastery Point Learning Systems provided the industry’s first web-based core technology curriculum.

Prior to Mastery Point, Orrin was in sales and marketing roles with Xerox Corporation and Nortel Networks.

In addition to a BS in Marketing, Orrin also holds a BA in Art History. Orrin has served as Board Chair of Free Arts Minnesota, a non-profit for targeting at-risk children. Finally, he is an avid tennis, golf, and backcountry ski enthusiast.

Industry Analyst