UCStrategies Channel Study Helps Plantronics Revamp Channel Program

UCStrategies Channel Study Helps Plantronics Revamp Channel Program

By Orrin Broberg June 24, 2013 Leave a Comment
UCStrategies Channel Study Helps Plantronics Revamp Channel Program by Orrin Broberg

Focus on sales collaboration, education, and strategic incentives form foundation of the new Connect Partner Program

As a Platinum Sponsor of the recently completed UCStrategies Unified Communications Channel Study, Plantronics was committed to learning ways to improve its channel programs. Last month, Plantronics announced the kickoff of new initiatives within its Connect Partner Program designed to enable authorized Connect partners to be more successful by providing them with education and increasing rewards. These initiatives are directly related to the findings in the UCStrategies UC Channel Study.

“Our channel is one of our most critical assets and we respect and value their time and hard work. Today we are unveiling three exciting programs designed to make our partners more competitive, better prepared and richer,” said Roland Rice, vice president of Channel Sales at Plantronics. “Deal registration, a world class learning management system and a new rewards program are designed to do just that.”

The new program adds several elements:

Connect Deal Registration – Program Helps "Seal the Deal"

This industry best practice program is designed to increase collaboration and provide discounts for the registration of new opportunities. Deal registration is typically a program in which a channel partner properly informs the vendor about an opportunity and is given priority for it. The Plantronics Connect Deal Registration program is designed to help partners "seal the deal" by enhancing margins for appropriately notifying Plantronics of qualified opportunities.

Connect University – Training Program Helps Partners "Learn and Earn"

Knowledge is power. Partners are demanding improved online training from vendors. Plantronics is delivering with Connect University – a world-class online Learning Management System (LMS) that offers professionally-developed training curriculums, sales specializations and partner certifications. This program is designed to enable partners to better understand industry trends and solution selling techniques that will drive sales.

Connect Rewards – Incentive and Points Program Helps Partners "Reap the Rewards"

This new rewards program incents partners for selling Plantronics products, completing training, attending events or webinars and other activities. The online points program is designed to reward engagement as well as sales. Partners can redeem points online from a catalog of prizes, including electronics, luxury branded products, fashion, home goods and more.

Connect Partner Program – Ever Improving World Class Program

The deal registration, training and rewards enhancements are additions to existing Connect programs including customer trial units, channel employee purchase discounts, event support and marketing development funds. The Connect Program, a critical platform for partners, includes a portal that provides sales and marketing resources in one easy to access place.

“We sponsored the study, we listened to the results, we learned our lessons, and we delivered what was demanded by our channel partners,” says Karen Jarvis, Strategic Partner Manager at Plantronics. This commitment to their channel is sure to pay off now and in the future.

For more information on the UCStrategies Unified Communications Channel Study, contact me at orrin@orrinbroberg.com.


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