Business Communications Reseller Channel Study 2016

Business Communications Reseller Channel Study 2016

By Jim Burton August 5, 2016 Leave a Comment
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Business Communications Reseller Channel Study 2016 by Jim Burton

Deep Insights to Help you Leverage and Improve Your Channel Strategy

We are pleased to announce the new BCStrategies Reseller Channel Study 2016. We are currently looking for vendor sponsors for this important study that will shed light on how channel partners are adjusting to the new cloud and mobile environment, and how vendors can help them to be more successful. As a primary focus, the study seeks to find out how the channel expects to survive and thrive in the cloud economy. This is a rare opportunity to gather important data without undergoing the extensive effort and expense of having to conduct your own private study.

Study Objectives

This study is designed to gain knowledge of how and in what ways channel partners are adjusting to the advent of the cloud-based solutions (SaaS) economy. We will examine current and planned business models, product / services mix, and expected changes based on growing customer preferences for cloud solutions. Additionally, the study will capture insights into the skills and sales competencies necessary to identify opportunities in this complex sales environment where deployment modality (on-premise, cloud, hybrid) are an increasingly important sales dynamic for the UC sale and for adjacent or up-sells.

Survey participants will be asked questions about their businesses in a number of areas, including:

⦁ Changes to business models
⦁ New product / services mixes
⦁ Changing requirements for vendor support and vendor preferences
⦁ Changes resulting from the Cloud and gig economies on lead and sales generation
⦁ Changes in customer support, including service levels and metrics
⦁ Changes in sales, including compensation, training, and metrics

Special focus will be given to:

⦁ Cloud, hosted and hybrid offerings
⦁ Mobility and mobile offerings
⦁ Professional services
⦁ Managed services
⦁ Application integration
⦁ Endpoints
⦁ Collaboration


The data will be gathered from online and phone interviews with executives from a cross-section of resellers, telecom dealers, VARs, MSPs, and system integrators with substantial operations in North America. The channel partner names and company names will not be included in the study and will remain anonymous. 


There are three levels of sponsorship are available. Depending on the sponsorship level, vendor and system integrator sponsors will receive the final study and analysis, access to the UCStrategies webinar discussing the results with sponsors, a conference call with the UCStrategies team to discuss findings, and more. 

If you have questions or would like additional information on becoming a sponsor, please contact Jim Burton at 707-738-3995 or via email at


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