Bill MacKay -

Bill MacKay

Bill MacKay is the President of Kane-MacKay and Associates, an independent telecommunication solutions hub with a knowledge-based skill-set focused on Call-Center, E911/NG911 (Enhanced 911 & Next Generation 911) and Customer Relationship Management (CRM). Kane-MacKay understands that the Solution is about People, Process, Technology and Culture and the Kane-MacKay team will ensure that our client’s teams are part of the solution from beginning to end.

Bill has been an active partner in Kane-MacKay & Associates since 1995, a recognized consulting practice built on a foundation of tactical experience, developed from a powerful and effective strategic methodology. Previously, Bill was President and Director of a telecommunications equipment supply company and was also a partner in telecommunications resource company.

Kane-MacKay’s E911 Compliance practice includes a Method of Procedure (MOP) to assess current risk, individual State E911 compliance legislation, gap analysis and recommendations and alternatives to reduce and or avoid those risks.

Bill MacKay can be found on Twitter @kanemackay publishing The Kane-MacKay Daily, Public Safety Digest and The E911 123 & NG911 Daily and is also on Facebook and LinkedIn.