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Art Rosenberg has been involved with on-line, interactive computer and telecommunications technologies since starting his computer career with the RAND Corporation. He did pioneering work with online applications in ARPA-sponsored mainframe time-sharing systems, at System Development Corp. (SDC), then with Scientific Data Systems, where he was responsible for the successful introduction of one of the first time-sharing computer products into the marketplace.

He then joined one the pioneering developers of voice messaging and call center technologies, Delphi Communications, Corp., in the mid ‘70s, where he was responsible for the operational requirements and agent/subscriber interfaces for their VoiceBank automated telephone answering services, (which today would be called “outsourcing”). When Exxon Enterprises closed down Delphi in 1982, Art became an industry consultant and developed the first BCR seminars on enterprise voice mail systems with Don Van Doren from Vanguard Communications in 1983.

Art has been a well-known independent writer, speaker, industry analyst, and consultant in business communications, having written thought-leading articles for leading technology publications such as Datamation, Business Communications Review, Datapro, Telephony, Voice Processing, etc. He became a syndicated web columnist under the byline of The Unified-View, since 2000. It was at that time that he coined the term “unified communications” as a logical extension of “unified messaging” that exploits the consolidation of email and voice mail, along with voice mail’s call management features (telephone answering, auto-attendant, call return, self-service applications, etc.) through integration with TDM telephone systems.

With the disruptive changes that the Web, IP communications, wireless mobility, and multimodal communication devices are bringing to traditional telephony, Art has focused on the enterprise migration of telephony to converged and mobile, IP-based, unified communications, unified messaging, and multimodal enterprise customer contacts. He is currently researching the practical transition of telephony products and services to what he has termed, “transmodal” business communications, which is IP and presence-based and exploits multimodal contact capabilities at both the desktop and with personalized, mobile devices. At this critical turning point in telephony and messaging technology that focuses more on new and different end user communication requirements and interoperable endpoint devices, enterprise organizations will need to reevaluate their present and future communication responsibilities and plan for technology changes accordingly.

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